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Rosario Pérez

Rosario Pérez offers her hand painted silk clothes at her shop, located in Carrer Sant Jaume, in the centre of Palma, surrounded by churches and convents.

With a very special academic background, Rosario has mastered along the years the painting technique that has enabled her to investigate its implementation on silk. Since her training days, she already knew that her interests would carry her further away than the academic painting. If we add 20 years experience in the domain of fashion, a brilliant intuition and an unusual capacity to assimilate very different influences, always in an intelligent way, this will result in a body of work that has grabbed many people’s attention not only in Palma, but also in other Spanish cities.

This artist proposes us pieces made out of velvet silk, gauze, satin and crèpe. The dresses, shirts and skirts are designed with a contemporary view, and its virtuosity and creativity are surprising. Oriental motifs are combined with geometrical ones, expressionist strokes and texts, with colours that can only be achieved on silk.

Based on the season’s collection, individuality can be applied to these handcrafted cloths. In addition, Rosario Perez provides us with various complements, also handcrafted, such as, foulards, bags, necklaces and scarves. All these pieces will remain beautiful in spite of trends but always fashionable. Clientele will collect this small art works for his own pleasure and as the perfect gift.

“Autumn wind, cold in the lips”, reads a haiku embroidered in one Rosario’s designed scarves. This shop, as opposed to the globalised luxury-franchises, deserves a pleasant walk through the old town of Palma.